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Monday, 13 August 2012

Hindu Women in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims

Hindu Women in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims

Muslims dismember hindu women
The effects of Islam are deadly. Numerous Hindu Women in India are Being Found Raped and Decapitated 
The jihad against the Hindus is centuries old, with over 80 million Hindus slaughtered –and that’s a low estimate. The jihadi war continues to this day. The ongoing gruesome slaughter of Hindus by Muslims is scrubbed entirely from the news coverage in the West.
One of my readers on the ground sent me a horrible photo, which I am running beneath the fold for those with a weak stomach.
Here are some recent news-links (below) that would explain the recent riots in Assam state (India), where indigenous Bodo Hindus and many of the four million illegal Muslim infiltrators (from neighboring Bangladesh) fought pitched battles starting from July 19, 2012 for the next two weeks.
The Muslims started the riots; the Hindus gave a fitting response.
According to official (underplayed) version, the death toll is 73; and that 200,000+ displaced people now reside in refugee camps, after their homes were burnt down in the violence.
But according to my reliable sources (on the ground), the unofficial death toll and refugee count is much larger.
It is in one of those unreported attacks in Assam’s villages that the Hindu women were raped and chopped up (as seen in the photograph above).
Given the strong, historical Islamic penchant for necrophilia, I have reason to believe that is the reason why these hapless Hindu women were chopped up in such a manner (as you can observe from the photograph in my previous email) that more Muslims could commit necrophilia long after the women breathed their last breath.

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