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Friday, 10 August 2012



Anandshankar Pandya
After continuously complaining for 30 years about the atrocities injustice and insults meted out to the Hindu society I realized why it should all the time be begging for Justice and mercy which it is not being shown to it though it is 85% of the population of India.

There is only one reason that Hindus are not united while Muslims are united hence get their every demand fulfilled reason able or unreasonable and even antinational.

Hence instead of begging to dishonest and selfish secularists for mercy Hindus should learn the lesson from Muslims.

Hindu industrialists also should realize why Muslims all over the world are rising. It is because rich Muslims are donating large sums of money to their organizations while Hindus are sinking because Hindu industrialists are not donating any money to the Hindu institutions who are waging constant war for the survival of the Hindu Society.

Hence though India is independent but 90 crore Hindus are still treated like second rate citizen in their own country.

Another reason is that Hindus being very tolerant always keep quiet and never protest against injustice and insult to them with the result that it has been accepted that Hindus are born only to suffer injustice and giving up their political and financial rights to the Muslims and Christians.

Hindus don’t care a bit that their temple lands in south worth crores of rupees are being gifted free to churches and mosques, Hindus are converted to Islam and Christianity, cows slaughtered, tax from Hindus being distributed to Muslims for their Haj and divorced women, Hindus never cared that crores of their Hindu brothers have been butchered in Pakistan and are still being looted and massacred in Bangladesh, more than 3 crore Bangladeshis have entered India who are increasing crime and poverty in India a Hindu never cared that more than 30 thousand Hindus were merciless by tortured their hands and feet cut off and then killed in Kashmir but shameless selfish Hindus always kept quiet while if even 10 Muslims are killed, Muslims all over the world raise a hue and cry, Hindus should learn  this religions brother hood  from Muslims. Nationalist Muslims, who have renounced religious hatred and violence, are our respected friends unfortunately a Hindu cares for money only and hence is losing political power in the process. He is not ready to spend the money even for his oven security provided by Hindu institutions. This is because of the 700 years of slavery, and though India is independent but Hindus are still slaves.

Today the great conspiracy to destroy the Hindu society is pseudo secularism and India is called a secular state where Hindus are told to forgive and forget the atrocities committed on their woman folk, they are told that though M.F.Hussain has insulted Hindu Gods and Goddesses yet he should be called a great artist. It same today suggests that terrorists should be strictly crushed he is called a dictator, if some Hindu demands that life, property and religion of 90 Crore Hindus should be protected or that Muslims should not marry 4 wives and should practice family planning then that Hindu is called very communal and is asked to keep his mouth shut. But no secular or Gandhian leader, no socialist or even Hindutvavadi leader has the courage to oppose this injustice on Hindus in the fear that he shall be dubbed as communal.

In Godhara 58 Rambhakt were burnt alive but nobody condemned it because they were Hindus but as a reaction to it 2002 riot was widely condemned because the sufferers ware Muslims.

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is being harassed since 10 years. In Kashmir 35000 Hindus have been massacred but there is no enquiry because the chief minister is a Muslim. All this is happening because Muslims are united. Hence Hindus must learn this unity from the Muslims if they want to survive in this world.

Today no political party is ready to stand by Hindus. Now only Hindu vote bank achieved through Hindu unity can save 90 crore Hindus, India and also the minorities as Hindus believe in ‘Sarve bhavautu Suhkinah’ – let everybody be happy in this world.

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