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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


The NAC-drafted Communal Violence Bill is a recipe for unmitigated disaster. In the guise of promoting communal harmony it promotes rank communalism. In the guise of protecting minorities, it attacks Hindu rights. This Bill will strike at the very foundation of liberty and legitimise criminal misdeeds ofMuslims. It must not become law. The proposed Bill, if it becomes a Law, pre-supposes that all communal riots are started by the majority Community and the minorities cannot ever do that.

What happened in Godhra would never come to light under this law as the majority community cannot complain against the happenings while the Minorities would not commit the crime.

If this Bill becomes law, any anonymous complainant can file a police case against a Hindu for inciting communal hatred - and the police will have to register it as a non-bailable offence. The definition of'Hate Propaganda' is designed to give the Government draconian powers and curb freedom of speech. While the complainant's identity will not be disclosed, the accused is treated as guilty unless he proves lies innocence (It is just the opposite of our present basic Law' you are innocent until proved guilty).

And frankly, how does one define minorities? There are many districts and towns in India where Muslims or Christians outnumber Hindus. Who will then be blamed for communal violence and riots? If one were to suppose there are riots in two towns in Uttar Pradesh - one with a Muslim majority and one with a Hindu majority... What will the police do in both these cases? Arrest only Hindus because the Indian law will state so?"

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