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Monday, 7 May 2012


Lauding the people of Tamil Nadu for 'punishing the corrupt,' in the 2011 State Assembly elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said here that the victory of the AIADMK testified that the people were against graft and those who indulge in it. Amid loud cheers, Modi began his speech at the 42nd founding anniversary function of Thuglak magazine with a recital of a couplet from Thirukural which gives advice on good governance. Suggesting that such good counsel never found favour with Congress rulers at the Centre, he said India's economy was bigger than that of China in the 1950s. "Today what is the situation? China's economy is three times the size of India's economy." Modi said it is due to the status-quo policies of the Union government and its concern for power rather than propelling economic expansion.

In a scathing attack, he said while it took over 40 years for the rulers to realize that the policies were not correct, China leaped forward during the corresponding period and made huge economic progress. Even after the so-called liberalization there could not be much progress as only half-hearted efforts were made.

"The UPA regime is the most corrupt after Independence. Corruption has touched new heights during the UPA regime," he said. Stating that several issues including lack of direction and leadership besides vote bank politics had slowed down the economy, he said: "Now, the economic growth rate has declined from 8.5 per cent to 6.9 per cent in the second quarter of 2011-12.

There is no road map for progress, and no vision. The Congress is at a loss to understand as to what is happening around the world." Regretting that despite people's soaring aspirations and willingness to work hard, the country could not move forward due to the flawed attitude of the Centre. "The UPA government is interested only in vote bank politics and the 4.5 per cent quota from the OBC reservation is a case in point." Lambasting the Centre for blocking his government's Organized Crime Bill, he said the Communal Violence Bill proposed by the Centre does not treat a person even as a citizen but labeled them as minority and majority.

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